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Guide to Choosing the Right Pastor for Your Family

Spiritual wellbeing of your family is vital. Just as mental and physical wellbeing of a person is important so is spiritual wellbeing. This means that if you have a family you need to ensure thst they get the right and needed spiritual nourishment. There are many ways that you can do this. You will for example ensure thst the family members attend church services. This is particularly so if you are a Christian family. This will involve looking for an appropriate church. When you are choosing a church there are many things to take into consideration. Many a times people choose churches because they are located near their homes but this is not the best way to choose a church. Location of the church is not enough to make it the right church for your family. What you need to check is the pastor who is in charge of the church.

The first thing you need to consider when you are choosing a pastor for your family is academic qualification. Many times people do not think that is is necessary for church leaders to go to school. There is a need to ensure thst you are dealing with a church leader who is well educated. It does not matter that they were called by God or not. They have to learn in school. You need to ensure that your pastor has not only gone to school but has also learned what should be learned in an institution of higher learning. Remember you may be learned yourself and you may not find it easy to rely on a spiritual father who is not learned. Go where you will find your confidence in the person. There are many things that you will need from them.

The other thing to consider in choosing a pastor who is spiritually mature. This is a person is has not been found in any scandal. Many church leaders who are always in the mid of every scandal are most likely not mature enough to lead you. This is a person who will lead you through in your spiritual journey. Not only you but also your spouse and your children. The person has to be spiritually mature. The person must be aware of the trust that you have in them and the serious things you expect from them. If you realize that your pastor is not involved in clean deals just walk away. Sticking around with a person who is not serious with what he is doing is not right. The situation will just worsen and you will not love.

The last thing to consider is the doctrine that your pastor. Many pastors have abandoned the true gospel of Jesus and they are following their won beliefs. This is not right. You need to look for a pastor who is not only guided by the bible but also one who walks in the Holy Spirit of God. The best thing to do as a believer is to ensure thst you read the Bible for yourself. You need to know what God wants with your life and see if your pastor will help you get to your destiny. Avoid pastor who lead you astray. They will be a damage to your generation a d you may not end up where God wants you to be.

Case Study: My Experience With

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